Books Worth Reading

Blue Like Jazz
Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality
by: Donald Miller
(Mature Readers)

The Radical Reformission
Reaching out without selling out
by: Mark Driscoll
(Mature Readers)

Forgotten God
Reversing our tragic neglect of the Holy Spirit
by: Francis Chan

Sex God
Exploring the endless connections between
sexuality and spirituality
By: Rob Bell
(Mature Readers)

Through Painted Deserts
Light, God, and Beauty on the open road
By: Donald Miller

Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church
Understanding a Movement and its Implications
By: D.A. Carson

Velvet Elvis
Repainting the Christian Faith
By: Rob Bell

The Irresistable Revolution
Living as an Ordinary Radical
By: Shane Claiborne

Jesus Wants to Save Christians
A Manifesto for the Church in Exile
By: Rob Bell

Think Orange
Imagine the impact when Church and Family Collide...
By: Reggie Joiner

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