Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Days and Old Pizza

We got 30 feet of snow yesterday in Elkhart (In my mind 30ft is the equivalent of 10 inches) and 30 feet of snow makes kids do some weird things. It makes them stop doing their homework. It makes them forget about Algebra tests. It makes them excited…and then it makes them board. Snow day. Everyone sensed it. The kids love them and the parents hate them because someone decided a long time ago that adults don’t get snow days anymore. This is the world I woke up to today. When I was sleeping, I secretly thought that I to would have a snow day. The problem with thinking in your sleep is that it almost makes you late for work and it makes you miss breakfast. So after sleeping in too long and taking a quick shower that barely took the edge of my sleep stink I managed to make myself lunch (a can of soup) and get to work on time.

When I got to work I had a headache. The type of headache that only comes when you miss breakfast and everyone else has a snow day. I tried to ignore my headache as a drank two cups of coffee and listened to my boss tell me how he dropped his phone in the toilet last night and how he once ironed his toilet seat to make it warm enough to sit on. As I stared at my computer reading emails I decided that the only cure for my headache was the left over pizza in the church kitchen. As I ate three pieces of slightly rubbery pizza for breakfast it made me think of college when I would have pizza for every meal of the day and I started to wonder, “Who decides what a breakfast food is and what a regular food is?”

No other species on earth does that. Lions eat antelope for all meals of the day and no one ever looks at them like they aren’t lions or like they are just immature lion cubs. Sometimes, at lunch, they will even eat off the same left over antelope they had for breakfast. (I think this is the equivalent of pulling a drum stick out of the trash and finishing off the meat you missed earlier.) So today I decide that when I am hungry I am going to eat whatever sounds good even if it might be a piece of steak at 8 in the morning or waffles at 10 at night. I think IHOP got it right. You can order pancakes and grease covered French fries for the same meal.

When my headache was gone and my stomach was filled with floppy pizza I finished checking my email which always involves ignoring 800 invitations to be a fan of Mob Wars on Facebook. As I worsened the carpal tunnel in my wrist by clicking the ignore button repeatedly I noticed something. Although kids love snow days, they can’t find anything better to do than send me one word messages and taunt me online. Find Something else to do! I never got bored when I had snow days. So here are a few suggestions of what you could do…

-Make a snow angel

-Make a snow ball

-Throw the snow ball at the snow angel

-Eat some snow

-Spit out the yellow snow you just ate

-Write a book

-Read a book

-Eat a book

-Yell things at your neighbor

-make Eric brownies so he doesn’t have to eat left over Pizza for breakfast anymore

-build a lawn mower

-wait till spring to use your lawn mower

-step away from the computer and realize that before computers existed kids had to use their imaginations to come up with something to do

-play with your baby sister

-change a diaper

-wash your hands after changing a diaper


This list goes on and on.

Don’t think kids these days are the only ones guilty of not using their imagination. We adults develop the belief somewhere along the line that life is about going to work, paying the bills, eating, and sleeping. Our lives are just as boring and lack just as much imagination as the kid who is sitting at his computer all day when today God has blessed him with a snowy play ground just outside his door.

People only become adults when they turn 18. But people start getting old when all the responsibilities of life make them forget what it is like to enjoy the simple pleasures in life(like 30 feet of snow). All this rambling has made me come to the conclusion that snow days are snow days even if you have to go to work. Enjoy the beauty of God’s frigid creation and make an extra snow angel for me. Thanks for reading!

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