Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kick Off

Well I'm happier than a Middle School boy playing Xbox, eating Pizza Rolls, drinking Mountain Dew, rolling in money, and throwing mud at Middle School Girls all at the same time. This is my first experience blogging and I've got to say that I feel a great deal of space freeing up between my ears as my thoughts start to develop on this page. I have to warn those of you who might read this that it might be the biggest waste of time you have ever experienced. If you don’t like random thoughts, weird analogies, and the occasional useless fact then I would stop reading and go do something else to fill your time.

My purpose behind this blog is to inform those who want to know about my life and to challenge people to take themselves a little less seriously. It will probably include posts about books that I have read, people that I have met, movies I have seen, pictures I have taken, music I have listened to, things I have learned and events that take place on a day to day basis. I hope you will read and laugh along with me as I share the things that make my life enjoyable. Thanks for reading!

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